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Your song gets mixed.

Go from a well laid out track to a fully put together song with production edits and precisely chosen effects.

Live Mixing

Schedule a live stream and be involved in the mixing process.

Online Mixing and Mastering

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Personalized mixing and mastering for your music.

  • Custom delays, Reverb, SSL Compression and EQ
  • Edits to the audio can be creative and technical as we look to correct mistakes, tighten up rhythm and edit out harsh breaths.
  • Auto or manual pitch correction is standard when needed.
  • We can also fill in space, create the intro, ending or breakdowns.
  • Work directly with me over audio, email or stream to give me your input on the mix. 
  • 3-7 day turn around with support after for 90 days.
  • Unlimited Revisions until you are happy.

We will work together to create impact, set a mood and tell your story.

Your Personal Engineer

More than just a set of ears.

Let it Drop Music



Record your tracks in the DAW of your choice.

Send me a rough copy so we can discuss a mix direction and any extra recording that can benefit the mix.

Export each track from your session to its own file starting from the beginning of the song.

Upload these tracks to a cloud or use a file transfer service of your choice and send the mix to [email protected]

After payment is made and your files are sent you will get confirmation once your project has been started.

This first step is to get everything lined up and effects in place so you can review and give me feedback as to how everything is starting to come together.

Many adjustments will be made to the sound but mostly we want to be creatively enhancing the song. I will be adding effects that will compliment different parts of the songs like drops in the beat, delays or reverb. I will also adding effects like compressors, EQ and gates.  Edits to the audio will be creative and technical as I look to correct mistakes, tighten up rhythm and edit out harsh breaths. If needed, I may also create the intro or ending. Depending on the song, sound effects or other audio maybe added.

I will send over a copy of the first mix for review within 1-3 calendar days.


This is where the everything will become polished and balanced.

Going over each fader and effect critically I will be listening for the perfect mix of volume and effects.

All effects and edits will be adjusted to perfection and any other items we discussed will be completed.

You will receive a copy of the final mix for approval 1-2 calendar days after approval of the first mix.

This final step continues to polish and balance the mix but this time with a focus on the song all together.

Effects will be added and adjusted to the overall mix and over multiple tracks at once.

Listening on multiple sets of speakers will also make sure the mix translates well and sounds good everywhere.

You will receive a copy of the master 1-2 days from approval of the final mix.

As always revisions can still be made during this time.

After approval you will receive a copy of your master in Wav and MP3 format.

I will also create other versions of the song you may need such as a show mix.

Your sessions will also be available for any adjustments or copies if needed 90 days from approval of the master.



Dirty Doc of Team Spitfire

“I’ve worked with Drop for my last 5 albums. I pretty much don’t go anywhere else now for my engineering needs. He’s helped me improve my sound and the quality of my releases hands down over our time working together. I always find him easy to bounce ideas off and willing to do whatever it takes to make a song the best it can be. If your looking to step up the caliber of your sound you definitely want to talk to Drop.”


“From my early beginnings in music, Drop and Let It Drop Music have done a beyond amazing job in engineering and accommodating artists like myself. He succeeds in areas of artist development, graphic design expertise and musical talent. Honestly, working with this company has accelerated my music career and most importantly has helped me find my sound.”

RZ Management

“In 2012 I was recording music in my bedroom, great equipment, but no knowledge of a true mix. After months of sounding like I recorded over a tape player I reached out to let it drop music, he broke down what he could do to help me specifically. I didn’t realize every artist has different needs when it comes to mixing and mastering their art. 8 years later we at RZ management group would not use another engineer. Thank you Drop !”


“Drop and I have been working together for over a decade now. Besides myself, he is the only other person I can trust with my projects coming out clean. I have had nothing but positive vibes and pure quality when working with Drop. When it comes to the type of sound I’m looking for in my music, his delivery is spot on! On top of that , the ideas he has brought to the table have been phenomenal. I get nothing but satisfactory when pairing Drop with any genre of music I’m working on! Through my experience working with him, I have learned many helpful tips and tricks when it comes to perfecting my craft. When you choose Drop , you get more than just an engineer , you also get a mentor!”
“What up, It’s your boy Creator Capp. Get your mix today from the homie LID Music, let it drop let it drop! He has mixed a whole bunch of my music and I appreciate it, the homie is lit lit lit! He will get you lit to.”

About Drop

What up!

Thanks for checking out my mixing and mastering services. Music is something I have been drawn to all my life. I started from an early age studying music and practicing instruments. 

Overtime I became the go to person for everyone around me to record and create songs with. In 2005 I was able to attend Full Sail University. I have been working with mixing and mastering professionally for over 10 years.

My career has brought me a wide range of clients from Florida to Ontario. I look forward to working with you and developing a lasting relationship as your go to engineer.

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